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Go for No

How to use Go for No to grow your business I have to admit when I started looking into Go for No, I wasn't expecting to find what I found. I was expecting the whole Go for No book/story/premise to be on getting as many nos as quickly as possible. I thought, ugh, that [...]

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Direct Sales Accounting in 15 Minutes

As with a lot of businesses, sometimes the paperwork and accounting can be more work than actually building your business. In our story we talked about how we built Direct Sidekick based on my wife’s experience when she starting her direct sales business. Tracking her income and expenses was not something she was used [...]

Host Coaching for Big Parties

Have you ever had a string of small parties where you started to wonder "what am I doing wrong?" Or even worse, cancellations, ugh. I am here to tell you that this is normal, and it happens to everyone in direct sales at some point. Follow along below to learn host coaching for big parties AND how to automate it so you never miss a beat!

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How To Get Bookings For Home Parties

If you have been in direct sales long enough it’s likely that there’s been a time or two where you’ve had a difficult time filling your party calendar. This article’s main job is to give you tons of ideas on how to get bookings for home parties.

If you read to the end of the article you will also see this article has a secondary job; to help you gain exposure for your business!

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MileIQ Review: Mileage Tracking For Direct Sales Consultants

Would you like an easy way to save $300 to $1000 this year for your direct sales business? In our Direct Sales Tax Deductions article I wrote about the mileage deduction and the phone app I use to track my mileage.  This article is my MileIQ Review where I discuss why I love using this app as well as how exactly it works.

If you drive 20 miles each way to a home party, you can write-off $21.40 per drive from your taxes.  If you have 2 parties per week for 50 weeks a year, you can write-off $2,140 per year! That saves you over $300!!!

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