Accounting and Inventory Management Software for Direct Sellers

Ditch the spreadsheets 👎 — or overly complex (expensive) software 👎

Direct Sidekick was made by direct sellers for direct sellers, so it does what you need, and not the 1,000,000s of other things you don’t.

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Trusted by Direct Sales consultants at these and other fine companies

“It is worth so much more than what it costs!!”
Megan – Pampered Chef

“I LOVE the features and the simplicity”
Tami – Arbonne

“It has saved me Time and Money … so easy to use and learn”
Wendy – Lilla Rose

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Finish your accounting in just 15 minutes a month!

. . . And take home an extra $2,483 *🎉

Track your income, expenses, and inventory.

No more confusing accounting spreadsheets to keep up with!

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I LOVE the features and the simplicity, but also I LOVE how I have been able to take 3 programs, Trello, Quickbooks & Teamzy, and condense them into 1 with Direct Sidekick!

It is so simple now to open up 1 program to work on my business, and my checkbook loves it, too, with the savings!!!

Tami Hovendick
Arbonne Independent Consultant


Top-notch service, top-notch software, and user-friendly. I am a consultant for Pampered Chef and needed to streamline my inventory, along with any and all transactions made for my business, so come tax time I’m ready! Direct Sidekick has made it so easy for me to keep track of and report everything. It is worth so much more than what it costs!!

Megan Fulkerson
Pampered Chef Consultant


I was searching for a solution to accurately and simply keep track of my constantly changing inventory, and Direct Sidekick offers that and so much more!!! I love that I can access information about my inventory, customers, invoices, and much more quickly and from either my laptop or phone!!!

Michele Waldsmith
Independent Color Street Stylist

* $2,483 in tax savings based on tax year 2021 customers with > $10k in revenue and > $0 in business expenses.
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