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How it works

Connect your accounts

Direct Sidekick automatically imports and categorizes your income and expenses for you! Say goodbye to manual data entry! No more confusing accounting spreadsheets.

Connect Your Accounts - Direct Sidekick

When you buy products for resale, enter a purchase

Purchases add your items into your inventory at the costs that will be later deducted.

When you sell products from your inventory, enter an invoice

Invoices remove your sold items from your inventory and add your costs to cost of goods sold (COGS).

Direct Sales Giveaway Accounting - Direct Sidekick

When you give products away, enter an adjustment

Use adjustments when you give products away or when you want to remove items for personal use. When you give something away, it’s an advertising expense.

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View your Profit & Loss report any time and know how much you’re making in your business.

Plus, be ready for tax time ALL THE TIME!

Direct Sales Accounting Profit & Loss Report - Direct Sidekick

Finish your accounting in just 15 minutes per month.

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