Direct Sales Software

Direct Sales Consultant Tools [Updated for 2020]

Direct selling is either the easiest LOW PAYING job or the hardest BEST PAYING job there is. Working smarter by using specific direct sales consultant tools can help you manage time and be more successful!

I see many team members come in a work really hard and become very successful. Unfortunately, I also see many new team members not put much effort into this job/career and end up not making much and fizzling out.

Below I will highlight a few of the direct sales consultant tools that we use to be more efficient with our business.

Announcing Text Message and SMS Marketing Automation

At Direct Sidekick our main goal is to help you be more successful in less time. Part of this is making communicating with your customers and team members a breeze. One of the main ways we do this is by our automated drip series, or drips. Well now we added text automation to our drips!

Direct Sales Customer Follow Up To Grow Your Business Fast

How does a 50% raise sound to you? According to Belinda Ellsworth that is how much you can increase the revenue of your direct sales business simply by having a customer follow up system.

Others I’ve spoken with told me that once they consistently started following up with their customers their business tripled!