Direct Sales Customer Follow Up To Grow Your Business Fast

How does a 50% raise sound to you?

According to Belinda Ellsworth that is how much you can increase the revenue of your direct sales business simply by having a customer follow up system.

Others I’ve spoken with told me that once they consistently started following up with their customers their business tripled!

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If it is so easy to grow your business why aren’t more people consistently doing this?

My guess is one of three reasons:

  1. You’re probably already very busy and the thought of adding another to-do to your list doesn’t sound very good.
  2. You don’t know what to say.
  3. It’s hard to keep track of it all!

Well, how do we fix this? Easy!

  1. Knowing how important this is to your business (50 – 300% growth, huge!) you need to make this a priority.
  2. Automate the process so you never forget, always know what to say and save you time!

Want more reasons to provide great customer care with you customer follow up system?

The probability of selling to an existing happy customer is up to 14 times higher than the probability of selling to a new customer!

Businesses that grow their customer retention rates by as little as 5% typically see profit increases up to 95%!

82% of customers have left a company before because of a bad customer service experience.

Wow! Is there any denying how important great customer service is?

Below I will show the 2+2+2 customer care follow up system you can use to grow your business.

Before getting into the process suggested by Belinda Ellsworth, make sure you always have a purpose each time you contact a customer. Their time is valuable and if you respect that while providing amazing service they will love you for it.

Having a purpose for every contact leads to more sales, more bookings and more recruits.

So, the next time you call a customer don’t say you are “just checking in to see how everything is going.” Instead, you are calling to see if they have any questions on using the product they ordered from you or letting them know about a great promotion you are running.

Here is the 2+2+2 customer follow up system by Belinda Ellsworth.

The 2 Day Contact

The 2 day contact is for thanking your new customer. The purpose for this contact is all about thanking them for their order and letting them know when it will arrive.

This is a quick contact that can sometimes lead to more.  If, and only if, your customer starts talking about another product of yours or more friends that might be interested, you can turn this call into more sales or a booking or even a new recruit.

Remember the purpose of the contact, though.

Pro tip: during this first contact, make sure your customer saves your number in their phone as [Company] [Your Name.] For example if you are selling Thirty-One and your name is Ann, ask your customer to save your number in their phone as Thirty-One Ann.

The 2 Week Contact

The second contact is after two weeks. The purpose of this contact is to make sure your customer received the product they ordered and ask them a few questions to make sure they are using it correctly and liking it.

This can uncover easy to fix problems.  If the customer is not using the product correctly they are more likely to not like it, leave you as a customer and possibly tell others.

Questions such as “how are you liking the product” or “is it working the way you expected” can lead to a great conversion about using it correctly. It can also lead into you helping your customer find the right product for them, if they have further needs.

Always end by asking “Is there anything else I can help you with today?” Your customer may have started using your product and fell in love with it already. Maybe they are now thinking about hosting or selling.

The 2 Month Contact

The third contact in your follow up system is about two months after your initial sale.  The purpose of this call is to provide value and ask for a booking.

For example, my wife sells Norwex and she recommends a deep clean for the micro fiber cloths every few months to keep them working there best.

In the two month contact she provides value to her customers by sending them easy to follow instructions on the deep clean.

This is a great time to ask them for a booking. They have heard from you at a party and twice after the party. They know you care and they have been using your product for two months.

Ongoing Customer Follow Up

After this initial “new customer follow up period” is completed, it is now time to set the customers into your ongoing follow up schedule. If they purchased a consumable product from you, then follow up with your customer every two months. If they didn’t, then space it out to every three.

You want your customer to always think of you when they think of your product or company, not someone else. To do this you need to provide an amazing experience by providing great service and staying in touch.

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