If you have been in direct sales long enough, it’s likely that there’s been a time or two when you’ve had a difficult time filling your party calendar. This article’s main job is to give you ideas on how to get bookings for home parties or online parties.

If you read to the end of the article, you will also see this article has a secondary job; to help you gain exposure for your business!

If you are like me, I am sure you have read a list of ideas before and thought, “Hey, those are great ideas,” but then never done anything with them. How about using this list to seriously grow your business?

Pick one or two of the ideas each day and implement them.

For example, for the first idea on the list (Follow the 2+2+2 follow-up system), if you currently are not implementing a follow-up system, start with that today!

The next day you are working on your business, pick the next idea on the list and implement it.

1. Follow the 2+2+2 follow-up system to have a constant flow of parties.

This works better than anything else! These are people who know you, have been to a party with you, and know how much fun you make it!

Pick up the phone; this is the hardest thing to do for many new direct sales consultants. This is also where you will get the most return and really grow your business.

2. Donate gift cards to fundraisers. Why? For one thing it is a great way to help.

For another, you are gaining a new customer and once the new customer sees what you have to offer (and wants more) you can show them how to get it free by booking a party!

3. Host your own open house. Invite neighbors, friends, people from work, people from church, past party guests, anyone you can think of.

Make it fun and offer to draw for the host rewards. Incentivize your quests to bring friends by offering them a free gift or discount.

Bonus tip: make it a mystery hostess party!

4. Schedule appointments with potential customers/team members in the niche market you want to break into. In the great sales book Secrets of Great Rainmakers, Jeffery Fox tells the story of a salesman targeting doctors as his primary market. He had a problem, though. In this market, doctors work long hours and he was having a hard time breaking in.

Finally, he decided to schedule an appointment for a complete physical where he ended up meeting with several doctors. While there, he found ways to naturally speak about his product, and “he made lots of appointments, lots of sales, and got lots of referrals.”

How do you implement this idea? If you are targeting salons with your product, make appointments at salons (tough right).

If you are targeting people who exercise, go to the gym at different times of the day and talk to people while you exercise.

5. Ask at parties. If you are having parties and not getting bookings from those parties you need to make asking everyone at the party to book with you. If you are already doing that you need to change how you are doing things.

Make sure your parties are fun! The guests are spending their precious time with you. If they are not enjoying themselves they will not book with you.

Make sure your party guests know how much your average host earns just by hosting with you. Let them know what they get out of it and how easy it is. Many guests don’t host because they don’t know what to expect.

6. Attend other direct seller’s parties, especially ones that compliment your product. This is a great way to network with another like-minded direct seller.

Let them know what you do in advance, actively participate in their party (helping them out) and see if there may be a way she can plug your business.

For example, if you sell clothing, maybe attend a jewelry party.

7. Work with local businesses to demo your products. A great example is setting up a table at a gym if you sell health and wellness products.

8. Write a guest post for blogs that relate to your business. If you offer fashion or jewelry, write about the hottest upcoming trends and how to dress for the next upcoming holiday.

If you are targeting potential recruits, write for blogs that target current or prospective direct sellers. We are looking for a few guest bloggers for our site here. Contact us to let us know what you would like to write about.

9. Give away free samples. Who doesn’t like something free? I know I do!

If you know someone you think would be a great customer or host, let them try your product(s).

Chances are they will love them and want more.

Then explain how easy it is for them to get it for free by hosting with you.

Let them know how easy it is to host and that you will help them.

10. Ask previous hostesses. After 9 – 12 months call your previous hostesses and ask them to host again.

They already know you, they know how much they can get for free by hosting with you and you already have a great relationship.

Better yet, make this part of your customer follow-up so you never forget!

11. Host a booth at a vendor event.

Vendor events are great for meeting new people that are outside of your personal network.

Special offers, such as a $20 shopping credit for someone who books a party at a vendor event are a great way to incentivize bookings. This can be redeemed at the party.

Make sure you have your party calendar with you to get it dated right then and there or as soon as possible the following week. It’s possible, using this strategy, to book 2 -5 new parties from an event!

Some ideas of places that offer vendor events are:

  • Farmer’s markets,
  • Christmas markets,
  • Churches,
  • Schools,
  • Fundraising events,
  • Mom 2 Mom sales,
  • Bridal shows,
  • Craft fairs,
  • Even garage sales.

Now you know how to get bookings for home parties, it’s up to you to start using these ideas to grow your business!

Choose one or two of the ideas on the list each day.

It might make you uncomfortable at first, trying new ideas, but give it a shot!

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