When was the last time you received something in the mail, the physical mail, not email, that made you smile?

In today’s world, bills don’t even come in the mail anymore; everything’s electronic. So, basically, most of the mail you receive is junk mail.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be surprised one day and receive something in your mailbox that actually made you smile? How would that make you feel? That’s precisely what happy mail is. It’s a way for you to do that for someone else.

It’s a way for you to stand out from the crowd.

What is happy mail?

Happy mail is physical mail that you send your customers or teammates just because you’re thinking of them and want to surprise them. That surprise makes them happy, hence the name happy mail.

People always remember how you make them feel, even if they don’t remember everything you say.

Ideas for Happy mail

  • a simple postcard,
  • an inspirational magnet,
  • a thank you note,
  • something out of the ordinary like crazy socks,
  • small seasonal items,
  • or even a goodie package.

Remember, simple, thoughtful, and easy.

Start small; the intention is the feeling you’re giving them, not to try to get them to order a new product.

Don’t go overboard and spend too much money or your income-producing hours making happy mail. You’re running a business, which needs to be your first focus.

Sending happy mail can be a boost for your direct sales business. Whether it be brightening the day of one of your best customers or encouraging someone on your team, happy mail is a great way to make someone feel appreciated.

And guess what?

Since you’re already staying in touch with your customers using a 2+2+2 follow-up system, you can add sending happy mail as another step in your campaign.

You want your customers to think of you when they think of your product, and that feeling they get when they receive something out of the blue in their physical mailbox will make all the difference.

Plus, you don’t want your customers to hear from you only when you’re trying to push yet another sale on them.

A bonus of this, and not the intended purpose, is that many times (when using a follow-up system) when your customer hears from you, they may have wanted to place an order but didn’t remember or have time to reach out.

Since you’re now at the top of their mind, guess what happens?

They place an order!

Why send happy mail?

Besides making someone feel special, and who doesn’t need that sometimes, it helps you develop a relationship with your customers and teammates.

Direct sales is a relationship business. Sending out an email or text blast to your list of customers is not the way to build a business. It’s a way to lose customers!

Think about this: if the only time you receive an email or text from someone, they’re trying to sell you something, you quickly ignore, block, or mark the messages as spam, which hurts deliverability.

Similar to your follow-up system, or better yet, in addition to your follow-up system, happy mail strengthens your relationship with your customers and team!

Who to send happy mail?

According to the 80/20 rule in business, 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your customers. The same thing applies to your team. 80% of your leadership commissions will come from 20% of your team.

Those are two great places to start. Start by sending happy mail to the top 20% of your customers and the top 20% performing teammates.

How do you do this?

Start by going into your company’s back office and exporting your customers, including the last three or six months’ sales (whatever is available).

Next, sort by the previous three months’ sales from highest to lowest in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Now mail that group of customers something you’re sure will make them smile!

Next, do the same thing with your team. Export your team and include teammates’ three and six-month sales and the number of their recruits. In Excel or Sheets, first sort by sales and then separately by recruits.

Now send the top 20% of each group from your team a note telling them how excited you are for them for their sales and/or recruits! Let them know you’re there for them and are glad they are a part of your team!

Besides these two groups, listen to your customers and teammates. Did anything significant happen in their lives, good or bad? If so, that’s the perfect time to celebrate with them or to show them they’re on your mind.

What about part of your new team member onboarding? Add a piece of happy mail to your onboarding process to make your new team members feel exceptional!

Final thoughts

Sending happy mail can brighten someone’s day, encourage your team, and grow your business. How you make others feel impacts their lives more than you may ever know.

As with anything else in your business, have intention with your time and your business activities. Have a plan. Work your plan. If your plan includes sending happy mail once per month or every other month, mark that in your calendar and stick to it.

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