Let’s take a short trip down memory lane and go old school. Remember how at every birthday party you went to as a kid, there was some sort of game to play? Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Bean Bag Toss were the most popular back in my day! And as we got older, there was Chinese Jump Rope and Spin the Bottle? (blushing).

Even now, as adults, there’s always a baby shower and bridal party game. I’ve never met a party game I didn’t like to play so I get super competitive playing along. See what I’m getting at here?

If you’re throwing Facebook parties, one of the best ways to get your guests engaged is by including fun Facebook party games! Why try to reinvent the party wheel? There are so many different ones you can play with your guests, but I’m going to share my favorites with you.

Why should I use Facebook party games?

Party games help even the biggest introvert relax and participate. They’re a tried and true method of breaking the ice and creating engagement with your party guests. Party games also help increase your posts’ comments, showing Facebook that your guests are interacting with you.

The Facebook algorithm rewards this interaction and engagement by valuing these posts higher, showing your posts to your guests in their daily newsfeeds. Having your posts show up in their newsfeed serves as a great reminder of your party and increases the likelihood that they’ll come back to the event.

Facebook party game ideas

Ready to jump in? Here are 8 of my favorite interactive party games that are perfect for Facebook parties:

  1. How Well Do You Know Your Host – This one is perfect to include as a pre-party post to get your guests chatting. It’s a super simple question for them to answer, but when you throw in the fact that they will either accumulate points or win a door prize – voila! Instant party game! Take it up a notch by creating a graphic that shows a few of your products and ask which one the host would choose or play it on Facebook Live!
  2. Guess How Many? – Most party-goers love a good guessing game so they can flex their estimation skills. Simply fill one of your products with a bunch of jellybeans or M&Ms, OR if you have a lot of small products on hand, you can toss them into a jar or bowl. Take a pic with your phone to upload it to the party, or you can play it Live. If you want to jazz it up, add some text to the photo, or you can just put some info on how to play in your post.
  3. Word Scramble – I don’t know about you, but I love a good word game! Create a graphic and choose products to use for the word scramble, or you can opt for whatever the party theme is and take words from the theme. Either way, it’s super fun, and guests love to play. Pro-Tip: This is also a great game to use to connect with your guests away from the party! Have them message you with the answer. Make sure you comment on the post to let other guests know who has already racked up some party points with the correct answer!
  4. Pick a Number, Pick a Prize – Everyone loves to win something – and mystery prizes are super fun! Use this as a bonus prize when someone books a party or places an order. You can also use it as a “Deal or No Deal” type post!
  5. Word of the Show- Choose a word that you will randomly mix into your party posts. Encourage guests to look for the word throughout the party. If they see it, have them comment with the word. This is really funny when guests show up late to the party and have no idea why so many guests are commenting with the word. You can give away party points for this to make it even more competitive!
  6. Bingo – Bingo is simple enough, but you can also use this as a way to get guests to message you. Encourage guests to send you a message if they want to play so you can send them their own Bingo Card.
  7. Name Game – I think this always creates great engagement because they’re easy and fun! You provide them with a graphic that shows them how to make their name – the wackier, the better. It can relate to your company (“Chef Name”), or it can be seasonal (“Snowman Name”) or even a generic name that fits your theme (“Flamingo Name” for a tropical party.) Just have fun with it!
  8. Scavenger Hunt – This can be played two ways: online or offline. Your guests will love going on either a virtual hunt to find items online, like products on your website or online catalog. Or they can run around their house and find random things. The winner is whoever comments first with the items they found in a photo or screenshot! You can also give extra points or fun prizes for the craziest photo.

Need more ideas? Here are 7 more virtual party games your guests will enjoy:

  • GIF Games – You can have it on any topic you’d like! Best all-time movie? Celebrity crush? Current mood? Fave holiday? If you have a party theme, try to incorporate it into your Game!
  • Predictive Text – give the first part of a sentence and let them have their phone finish the sentence.
  • Scrabble – how many words can you make from these letters or phrase
  • Mad Lib – comment with your favorite movie title/book/song and change one word to Santa or Christmas or something else
  • Alphabet Game – Name something that begins with A, then B, then C
  • Simon Says – perfect for adding to a Zoom party
  • Party Points – This game appeals to the competitive people out there. They get points based on their comments on various types of posts. You can even provide a leaderboard with updates throughout your Facebook party.

The biggest thing to remember with Facebook party games is to keep them simple, make them easy to play, and, above all, make them interactive! If you don’t have the time to create party game graphics on your own, you can get ready-made Facebook party theme graphics at You Dot This or Social Synergy Group.

What virtual party games have worked well for you? Comment below. We’d love to keep adding to the list, and we’re happy to link back to you as a thank you!

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