Why would anyone ever consider joining a direct sales training course?

Isn’t your company or your upline supposed to train you?

Teach you the ropes?

Let you know exactly what works and what doesn’t?

Isn’t your upline supposed to help you succeed because when you succeed, they succeed?

Some recruiters and uplines are fantastic at getting their new recruits up and running. They help them formulate a plan, give them the tools and scripts to succeed, and support them.

Others may not have the time or knowledge to help as much.

Some may not actually be running their business like a business and don’t have the systems in place to help as much as they or you would like them to.

That’s OK.

You can still plug into a direct sales training course, receive the needed systems and support, and succeed with your business!

Even if you have an amazing upline, you may want to learn about something new. Something that your upline hasn’t done before.

That’s where you can benefit from direct sales training courses!

Whether you’re new to direct sales, ready to streamline your business with new systems, or want to learn how to succeed in an area you’re not 100% comfortable with yet, working with a direct selling coach might be what you need.

Here’s a list of direct sales training topics we’ve seen coaches and trainers teaching.

  • How to build a team that wants to work

  • How to have the best mindset for your business

  • How to do proper host coaching to have big parties

  • How to follow-up and provide customer care to your customer to skyrocket your business

  • Social selling stategies

  • Time management strategies

  • How to run effective home parties and virtual parties

  • How to maximize vendor events

  • Time management strategies

  • How to promote through the ranks

  • How to setup and use business and accounting systems to simplify your business

Things to look for when searching or signing up for a direct sales training course:

  • Does the coach or trainer have expertise in the area they are training about? For example, if they are training about team building, have they built a successful team on their own? If they are training on taxes and running the business side of your business, do they have a background in those areas?

  • Are there positive reviews for the course and coach? I like to do an internet search and a social media search looking for opinions from individuals who have already taken the course.

  • Will the training course or coach help you achieve your specific goals? Have intention on how you spend your time and money on your business (and in life!). If someone recommends a course to you and after looking at it, it doesn’t include the topics you want to learn about, keep looking. DO NOT JUMP AROUND FROM ONE NEW IDEA TO THE NEXT.

Sometimes it just helps to learn from someone that has already seen success instead of spending time reinventing the wheel.

And sometimes, if we’re being honest, we all need a little extra accountability.

Here are some companies that we’ve personally participated with.

Direct Selling Now with Belinda Ellsworth & Chelsey Marie

Before describing what you’ll learn from Direct Selling Now, I’ll paraphrase a story she told a group of consultants at a training I viewed a few months back. She spoke of using a maps app to find her way to a new dentist. She missed her turn, and the map app’s voice said, “recalculating.”

She pointed out how the voice did not say “STOP” or “QUIT” when she made the wrong turn. Instead, it told her another way to succeed in finding her location. Belinda used this to illustrate that even if you’ve tried something in your business that didn’t work, you recalculate and try something new. You don’t close shop and quit!

Direct Selling Now is part of Step Into Success, a company founded by Belinda Ellsworth, a trainer of over 25 years. Direct Selling Now is a monthly subscription with the following great benefits.

  • Live weekly and monthly direct sales training from Belinda Ellsworth and her team where you can get answers to your business questions. You can send your questions in ahead of time if you can’t attend the training live.

  • Monthly social media marketing packages that include templates, prompts, video ideas, and a live marketing planning session.

  • Weekly, “What’s working now social media training” with Chelsey Marie.

What I love about Direct Selling Now is that, similarly to the other courses in this article, there are plenty of opportunities to get answers to your specific questions, whether live or prepared ahead of time.

About Belinda Ellsworth

Belinda Ellsworth has been a trainer in the direct sales industry for more than 25 years as both a corporate and consultant trainer. She literally wrote the book on direct selling (Direct Selling for Dummies) and has worked with over 100,000 direct sellers worldwide.

Modern Direct Seller Academy with Becky Launder

Modern Direct Seller Academy offers courses covering everything you’ll need to know about running a successful direct sales business. Some of the training topics include:

  • Setting up your social media accounts.

  • How to design using Canva.

  • How to automate your social media posting with CinchShare.

  • Active selling strategies, including online, in-home, and vendor events.

  • Becky’s 3 + 3 + 3 = 1000 formula to build authentic relationships.

  • How to develop a customer loyalty program (repeat customers are the best!).

  • Team building and team leading.

Plus, each month, you also receive a done-for-you training you can use with your team, such as a training titled “Social Selling Simplified!”

How nice will that be! Not having to come up with a training topic and content each month!

What I love about the Modern Direct Seller Academy is it’s story! Becky is a former direct sales team leader who started coaching her own team to success. Then her company asked her to coach the rest of the company. That’s a good indication that her training works!

I love how each course gives you an easy-to-follow fill-in-the-blank workbook, videos, and everything else you need to be successful.

About Becky Launder

Becky Launder is the CEO of Modern Direct Seller. She is a former multi-million dollar direct sales team leader, builder, and trainer with a master’s in leadership and management. She hosts the popular Modern Direct Seller podcast and frequently speaks at leadership and national conferences in the direct selling industry.

Savvy Selling with Mary Haynes

I’ve had the pleasure of participating in a Savvy Selling member workshop as a learner and a presenter, and I love her no-nonsense approach to direct selling. She teaches the fundamentals of direct selling and running your business, including focusing on profits. And when you focus on profits, you run your business a little differently, and that’s a good thing.

Savvy Selling’s flagship course is the Savvy Selling Squad. Topics covered in this course include:

  • Time management for direct sellers.

  • How to build relationships using follow-up and customer care.

  • Social media marketing for direct sellers, including:

    • Facebook pages and groups.
    • Growing your business with Instagram.
    • Facebook Live and YouTube.
    • Growing your business with Pinterest.

  • Quarterly goal-setting workshops.

  • Additional workshops, including the one I mentioned above, the “Passions and Profits Workshop.”

Savvy Selling offers shorter mini-courses and guides on specific topics if you’re focused on just one area.

What I love about Savvy Selling’s courses is that there are two parts to it. One is the self-paced training modules. The other is a live component that includes “monthly jam sessions,” which are essentially Q & A sessions where you can ask questions specific to your business needs, and live workshops. Is there something you’re struggling with right now? First, check out the training modules, and if you need more help, attend the monthly jam session and ask for help.

About Mary Haynes

Before Mary Haynes started Savvy Selling, she reached the top 1% of her company, and within two years, she built a team producing over $1 million in sales per year just on Facebook. Wow! She focused on learning and testing systems to implement in her business to get there. As you can see, having systems in your business pays off.

Social Synergy Group with Melanie Moore

Social Synergy Group offers group coaching courses that include monthly live social media training. Knowing that Melanie was the former Director of Training at CinchShare tells me that this is going to be good! Beyond the monthly training, the social synergy group membership, leadership, and mastermind groups include much-needed support, accountability, and community.

What I love about Social Synergy Group’s courses is that, similarly to the other courses in this article, they’re taught with a specific subject focus by someone with direct experience of success in that area.

About Melanie Moore

Melanie Moore has been in the Direct Sales industry for more than 25 years, starting in the field as a consultant and leader before moving into corporate positions.

For the last 15 years, Melanie has served as the VP of Sales and a Corporate Trainer at several Direct Sales Companies. She also served as the Director of Training at CinchShare before launching her own coaching and training company, the Social Synergy Group. She enjoys working with Consultants, Leaders, Coaches & Companies to help them grow their business online. Melanie also works as a Corporate Business Consultant for several newly launched Direct Sales companies.

Free Direct Sales Systems course by Direct Sidekick

The free direct sales systems course by Direct Sidekick teaches the systems top leaders use to organize and grow their businesses. These include systems to ensure:

  • An easy system to ensure you’re spending your time on the things that are most important to your business.

  • How to recruit and onboard new team members that see success quickly and want to work.

  • How to have $1000+ parties all the time.

  • How to keep your party calendar full.

  • How to keep your books in order in no time.

  • and more …

What I love about the free direct sales systems course is that you receive one email daily with one topic and one to-do. Focusing on only one thing at a time is proven to help accomplish tasks much more quickly. Learn the systems. Implement the systems. Then reap the rewards of growth, a full calendar, hitting your goals, and focusing on the most important things in your business.

About Direct Sidekick

Direct Sidekick offers accounting and automated customer follow-up software for direct sellers. To grow your business, you can earn more money or keep more of what you earn. Direct Sidekick’s automated drips help you earn more by automating your host coaching, customer follow-up, and new team member onboarding. In addition, Direct Sidekick’s accounting software helps you keep more of what you earn by never missing tax deductions to maximize your after-tax earnings.

Final thoughts on participating in a direct sales training course

If you’re interested in learning about a specific topic, finding new ideas, or gaining accountability from a group of like-minded people aspiring to achieve similar goals, signing up for direct training courses may be an excellent thing for you.

Have you participated in a direct sales coaching or training course? If you have, please comment below, letting everyone know about the course and your experience.

I’m ready to start my 14-day free trial!
Don’t wait to get organized and grow your business!

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