To send invoices, manage your inventory and have Direct Sidekick automatically calculate your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) you must first add your products.

How to Add Products

There are two ways to add your products to Direct Sidekick.

  1. You may bulk import your whole product list
    • Download the sample file
    • Follow the exact header names.
    • Click choose file button a load your file.
    • Click submit to load.
  2. Add products individually
    • Click Add New Product button
    • Complete the form
    • Click submit


Purchases are how you add products to your inventory. You can only add products into inventory that have already been added to the products page.

  • Navigate to Purchases page
  • Click Add Purchase Order button
  • Choose date you received your items
  • Enter PO number – Match this with the order number you received with your shipment
  • Start typing product name in the Add Item field
  • Click the item name
  • Enter the quantity, Rate (your cost) and whether you were charged tax or not.
  • Repeat steps 5 through 7 until you’ve entered all of the items you are adding
  • Optionally enter notes
  • Click submit button

Viewing Inventory

Navigate to Reports -> Inventory Stock on Hand report. From here you can view key metrics such as how many units you have in inventory, the cost of the inventory, the retail value of the inventory and the profit value (how much you can earn when you sell the inventory at full retail price).

You can also see how many units of each product you have in inventory and sort by each column. Lastly you can search by any text or number in the table to easily find exactly what you are looking for.

Removing Inventory

Anytime you send an invoice to a customer the items are removed from your inventory. A nice tip for vendor events is to add one invoice for the whole event them mark it paid. The stock is removed, plus you can see what exactly was sold at each event.

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