At Direct Sidekick our main goal is to help you be more successful in less time. Part of this is making communicating with your customers and team members a breeze. One of the main ways we do this is by our automated drip series, or drips. Well now we added text automation to our drips!

Drips allow you to schedule a series of messages and reminders that can be used to automate many of your direct sales communications whether it be customer follow up, new recruit training or pretty much anything else.

Our latest update allows you to add SMS text messages to our automated drip series and have them sent automatically from your phone, using your phone number. No need to get a new number. No confusion for you customers by communicating with them using multiple numbers.

Now using Direct Sidekick automated drips you can set task reminders, send automated emails and send automated SMS text messages!

Simply link your Pushbullet (free or paid) account to Direct Sidekick.

Then add a SMS text message into your drips series. You can add them just like adding a task reminder or automated email.

Direct Sidekick SMS Drip Announcement

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