Direct Sidekick’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is your way to keep track of all of your contacts. You can do almost anything here, keep notes, send invoices and add task reminders.

Here is exactly how to use each feature:

Adding New Contacts:

  1. Import your contact list.
    • Navigate to the main contacts page
    • Click the “Import Contacts” button near the top of the page
    • Click the “Choose File” button to load your file
    • Click save to load.
    • Now, map Your Field Names to our corresponding Field Names. For example, maybe your list uses First for the contact’s first name. You would then select first_name from the dropdown in the right column. Now we will import First as first_name which is correct.
    • Click import data and you are done! Note: you will receive an email with a list and reason if any of your contacts are not imported.
  2. Add Individual Contacts
    • Click Add New Contact button
    • Complete the form
    • Click submit

What are tags and how to use them?

Tags are an easy way to managed users that have similarities. Do you have a list of possible recruits? Do you have customers that order consumables from you that you want to keep track of? Do you want to know if a certain event is worth doing again?

Tags can help with those questions and more. Simply add a tag to a contact, for example “recruit” for customers that you think may want to join your team. Now, when you want to search your contacts for possible recruits to call simply type “recruit” into the search bar and the remaining list will be only those with the recruit tag.

Sending Invoices to Customers:

See the full article: Sending Invoices.

Adding Notes:

Notes are where you record anything and everything you want to remember about your contact. What did you talk about the last time you spoke? What did they order from you? What is going on in your contact’s life? All important things to remember for the next time you speak.

Adding Tasks for a Contact:

See the full article: How to Use Tasks.

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