As mentioned in the earlier article about connecting your email and SMS accounts, I love using automated drip series. You can use these to get much more done in your business is so much less time!

Think of Drips as templates that can either be sent as-is OR that can be further fine tuned for your contacts. Do you find yourself sending the same text messages or emails to hostesses? We all do that, right? Just setup a drip and reuse it over and over. Your contacts will thank you for it as they will receive better service from you!

Ideas of things you can automate today:

  • Hostess coaching
  • New team member training
  • Customer follow-up
  • Your total party process

Direct Sidekick drips allow you to set reminders, send personalized emails and personalize SMS text messages to your customers and team members!

Before getting started make sure you follow the article linked above and have your email and SMS accounts setup. Once done follow the instructions below to setup you automated drip series.

Setting Up a New Drip Series

  1. Start at the Drips page.
  2. Click “+ New Drip” button in the upper right corner.
  3. Give your new drip a title and goal then submit. The title will be what you see when assigning the drip to one of your contacts. The goal can be something motivational. For example, a title may be “3 week hostess coaching” with the goal being “Have large parties!.”
  4. From the drips list click on the title you just entered above.
  5. Click one of the buttons at the upper right to add a task, email or SMS message. Any drip can have any sequence or mix of these. For example, using the 2+2+2 Follow-Up example, you can have a task for a customer call 2 days after a party, an automated text 2 weeks after a party and a 2 month email after that. Set this up however it best serves you!
  6. To add a task:
    • Click the + New Task button.
    • Enter the Task Name. Something descriptive.
    • Enter the number of days you would like the due date of this task to be from the moment you assign the drip to your contact. Day 1 is the current day.
    • Add a detailed description and submit.
  7. To add an Email:
    • Click the + New Email button.
    • Enter the number of days you would like this email to be sent from when you assign it to your contact. Again, day 1 is the current day.
    • Add a the email subject. This is the subject your contact will see when they receive your email. Make it catchy but not spammy.
    • Add you message. You can use the custom variables listed along the right side of the page. A favorite is {customer_fname} to show your contacts first name in your emails. For example, Hi {customer_name}! when assigned to Jane Doe would show up in their email as Hi Jane!
    • If you would like to add links or formatting to your email you can choose these near the top of this box. Remember not to have too many links or explanation points in a message to help keep it out of your contacts spam folder.
    • Lastly, if you would like to add an attachment you can do so by clicking the choose file button.
    • Click submit and you are done.
  8. To add a SMS message:
    • Click the + Add SMS Text button.
    • Enter the number of days you would like this SMS message to be sent from when you assign it to your contact. Reminder, Day 1 is the current day.
    • Enter your message. As with the emails, you can use the custom variables in these messages.
    • Click submit and you are done.

Assigning a Drip Series to Your Contacts

Assigning the drip to a customer or team member is simple once the drip is completed!

  1. Go to a customer or team member by clicking the contacts menu on the left. Contacts -> Customer or Contacts -> Team Member to get to the lists of your customers or team members.
  2. Click on the name of one of your contacts.
  3. Click on the drips tab across the top, above your contacts name.
  4. Click the + Assign Drip button.
  5. Check mark whichever drip you want to assign. You CAN assign more than one drip to your contacts.
  6. Click submit and the drip is assigned!

Change the Dates

Direct Sidekick schedules messages seven (7) days a week and many of our customers choose to only send messages during the week. So we made it easy to see what is scheduled and to change the date a scheduled message will be sent.

  1. Click Drips on the left hand menu.
  2. Click Schedule Messages under Drips
  3. Now you see a full list of upcoming messages.
  4. To see only drips for a particular customer, type or anything else simply enter that into the search box and only those will be shown.
  5. To change the date click the blue edit button in the action column for that message.
  6. Click on the date to see a calendar and choose a new date you would like to have the message sent.
  7. Click submit and now the message is rescheduled to the new date.

Still have questions? Send us a message!