One of my favorite things to do with Direct Sidekick is using the automated drip series. With this you can automate a series of emails, SMS text messages and tasks so you never forget anything in your processes again. Use this to automate your 2+2+2 follow-up or how about automating your hostess coaching?

The sky is the limit and every new drip series you setup is more time you save!

Before being able to add email or SMS text messages to your drip series you first need to setup your accounts in your general settings.

How to Connect Your Email

Connecting your email is very simple. Simply navigate to email settings under general settings and complete the form.

To avoid the sending limits of most of the email providers, Direct Sidekick emails are sent via the domain. You are able to choose your From Address, From Name and Reply-To Address here.

Direct Sidekick Email Settings

  • The from address is the email address your emails will be sent from.
  • The from name should be a recognizable name for your customers. This is the first thing they will see when they see a new email in their inbox.
  • The reply-to address is the email address you would like your customers to send you responses to.
  • Click submit and your should see the green (Verified) message above the form. You’re done!

Still have questions? Send us a message!