Invoices are used for two things in Direct Sidekick:

  1. To remove items from your inventory. (Anytime you save an invoice it removes the items from inventory).
  2. And/or to send invoices to your contacts for items they purchased from you.

* Tip: be sure the items have been added to inventory with a purchase order before adding them to an invoice to avoid having negative inventory.

Sending invoices is an easy way to get paid, track who has paid you and who you are waiting on for payment. You can connect your PayPal account and allow you customers the convenience of paying you online anytime. Invoices paid via PayPal automatically show up as paid in your invoices page so you know at a glance what has been paid and what hasn’t.

Before sending your first invoice make sure you have the following setup:

Creating a New Invoice

There are two ways to create a new invoice with Direct Sidekick:

  1. From the Invoices page
    • Click Add New Invoice button
    • Select payment method
    • Start typing in item name in add items field
    • Click item name
    • Change quantity, Rate (cost), Tax or discount if needed
    • Follow steps above until you are finished adding all the products your customer has purchased
    • If custom product such as shipping click Add Custom Product, type item name and change variables
    • Click submit
  2. From your Customer directly
    • Click the Invoices tab
    • Then simply follow the instructions above

Sending an Invoice to Your Customer

Open the invoice from either the invoices page or directly from your customer’s profile (invoices tab) and simply click the email button near the top of the invoice. This will open an email that you can edit if you would like or just send as-is. Remember this email template is one that you may have edited in the first step Setup Your Account Settings.

The invoice is automatically attached to the email but if you only want to email your customer a PayPal link you can uncheck the box under the email showing the invoice number. Once that is done, just click send and you are done sending your invoice!

Marking an Invoice Paid

There are two ways to mark an invoice paid.

  1. If you connected your PayPal account and your customer pays via the PayPal link you send them, the invoice will automatically be marked as paid as soon as it is paid.
  2. If your customer pays another way such as a writing you a check you can manually mark the invoice as paid by clicking on the invoice and selecting Pay Now near the top.
    • Complete the form that opens and click submit and you are done!

Viewing Invoice Payment Details

Once your customer’s invoice is paid you can easily view the payment details by opening the invoice from the invoice list and clicking the “Payment No” on the right side of the page.

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