As you may have read in our story, Direct Sidekick was originally developed to simplify accounting before turning into so much more.

The ability to have an easy to use and quick way to track expenses was a must. We’ve made it as simple as filling out a quick form and that is it!

Direct Sidekick then automatically generates your Schedule C Profit and Loss statements.

How to Enter Transactions

There are two ways to enter transactions and both start at the transactions page.

  1. You may bulk import your transactions.
    • Click the “Import New Transaction” button in the upper right corner.
    • Download the sample .csv file.
    • Follow the column headers exactly, add your transactions and save the file.
    • Click the “Choose File” button.
    • Select the file you saved and click open.
    • You are done! You will see a success message at the top of the page showing how many transactions were uploaded and if any were not.
  2. Enter individual transactions.
    • Click the “New Transaction” button.
    • Complete the form, including any descriptions you may need to remind yourself about the transaction in the future.
    • You may attach a copy of the receipt if you would like (not required).
    • Click submit and you are done!

Unsure which categories to use?



Car & Truck Expense

Contract Labor

Legal & Professional Fees

Office Expense




Meals & Entertainment


Other Expense

Taxable Business Profit

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Viewing and Searching Your Transactions

Your transactions are entered! Now what?

From your transactions page you can view all of your transactions sorted by date, type, category, etc. You can also type a search term in the search box to look up a specific transaction, event or anything else you may be interested in.

Viewing Your Schedule C Profit and Loss Statement

You can find your Schedule C Profit and Loss statement by looking under Reports -> Profit and Loss Statement.

Once there, select the year you would like to view and statement will update for the year selected. Download this statement to use for your annual tax filings.

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